Wylde Flower Diamond Competition

Your chance to win a £1000 Wylde Flower Diamond® in time for Valentine’s Day. Simply post a selfie in the competition form in the Bath Directory for your chance to win this diamond, unique to Nicholas Wylde in Bath.

This registered, patented diamond cut is quite simply a work of art, brought to you bythe the skill, artistry and love of award-winning visionary designer Nicholas Wylde, who has created the unique and achingly beautiful Wylde Flower Diamond®.

Each one created has 81 precisely cut facets – that’s 24 more than a brilliant-cut diamond – including 8 on the base which reveal a perfectly cut flower. This clever and unique cut allows you to see the stunning flower by looking through the ‘table’ of the stone and creates a brilliance and visual fire that often makes the stone appear larger than its actual size. You won’t find this diamond anywhere else in the world and Nicholas Wylde brought all his experience, dedication and love of beauty and art together to create this stunning masterpiece.